Why choose double sided EVA foam tape produced by CROWN Adhesive Tape?
After decades of research and development and meticulous manufacturing, EVA foam tape is now marketed. It is priced in the most competitive way. Its quality is strictly controlled and its after-sales service is comprehensive. A research and development team has been set up with experienced members. Systematic market research also supports their research and development. This is the reason why EVA foam tape can still meet different needs. In addition, a complete after-sales service system has been established to provide timely service.

CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. takes superiority in the domestic market. We are highly praised for the strong competence in the developing and manufacturing of die cut double sided tape. The water based adhesive tape series has become a hot product of CROWN Adhesive Tape. The production process of CROWN double sided adhesive tape is carefully inspected and considered in terms of its CRI, lumen, power, and voltage from the perspective of customers. Its most distinguishing features are strong adhesion and holding power. Through years of study and efforts, CROWN has developed its own management style. It has good electrical insulation and low thermal resistance.

With the accelerating process of society,CROWN will follow the trend and work hard to supply better hot melt adhesive tape. Contact us!
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