Why does tape always tear longitudinally?

by:CROWN     2022-10-04

Users who often use tape should have encountered longitudinal tearing of the tape. This is a normal phenomenon, and it is also a relatively easy problem. Have you ever thought about what caused this? The tape manufacturer made a reasonable explanation for us.

If we use the tape, if the tape is offset a lot on one side, folds or folds are formed on one side, and it is subject to the uneven pulling force we apply to it or is scratched by foreign objects, then it may persist. Hold, there is a tearing phenomenon. Therefore, when we use it, we must pay attention to this problem, apply force evenly, use it carefully, and not let the tape tear. Another reason is that the quality of the tape we purchased is not good enough. In order to save costs, some scotch tape wholesalers cut corners in the production of the tape, so it is difficult to escape the bad luck of being torn.

The rapid development of the express delivery industry has also led to the revitalization of the tape industry. Most people with colored tapes use yellow and white tapes. If the stickiness is too tight, they can be quickly pulled away. Look at the thickness of the glue. If there are impurities and the glue is not sticky, the quality of this tape is already very bad, and it is recommended that you do not buy it.

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