Why is the edge of the tape warped?

by:CROWN     2022-10-10

The products made by tape manufacturers can be used in many industries. During use, there may be a problem of edge warping. What is the cause? Now let's take a closer look?

It is very likely that the quality of the adhesive used in the tape is not very good, so edge warping will occur during production. It is also possible that the production technology of the tape is unqualified, and some operators are not skilled in the production technology, so the adhesive is not evenly applied during production, and the edge is not applied in place, so the edge is not applied with adhesive, and edge warping will occur. Another reason is that the tension of the film used in the production of the tape is not well controlled, and it is damp, which will cause warping. When we buy tape, we need to pay special attention to the quality of the tape, although it is better to buy it from a well-known manufacturer, and pay attention to testing the quality of the tape.

When the tape is unpacked, be careful not to cut directly from the middle with a knife, but from both ends. The lower knife should not be too deep. The thickness of the carton is very thin. The tape has a little knife wound, and the whole roll is scrapped, so when unpacking, be careful to avoid contact with the tape by the tip of the knife or sharp objects.

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