Why should I turn to CROWN?
CROWN is a reliable brand to many clients. The strong team of sales for this brand is always ready to serve the clients. The products are of great quality but at affordable price.CROWN

CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. surpasses most peer competitors in the domestic markets. We are a leading manufacturer of die-cutting adhesive tape. The fire resistant adhesive tape series has become a hot product of CROWN Adhesive Tape. Containing sturdy components, this product is strong to be rugged and resist unfavorable conditions such as vibrations and shocks. It is ultra-thin and can be offered with a customized design like surface fingerprint prevention based on customers' requests. CROWN Adhesive Tape creates an innovative corporate culture and organizational structure. It is suitable for the bonding of components with shading requirement.

Carrying out the concept of ultra thin tape and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of ultra thin tape help CROWN improve better. Call!
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