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Role Of Industrial Tape in Manufacturing and Construction


Industrial tapes are considered as one of essential adhesive products that are used to seal, join, protect, and insulate different types of surfaces and materials. In addition, the significant usage of industrial tapes includes surface protection, material binding, air and water barriers, and surface insulation. The types of industrial tapes include double-sided tape, acrylic foam tape, protective film, masking tape, electrical tape, duct tape, gaffer tape etc. Moreover, these industrial tapes found numerous applications in construction, packaging, medical applications, automotive and aerospace industries. In manufacturing industries crown is one of the leading professional adhesive industrial tape manufacturers that is producing numerous types of high-quality double-sided tape. This leading manufacturer posses more than sixty product lines to provide valuable solutions to their customers. Whereas, crown manufactures double sided tape, acrylic foam tape and protective film.

Figure.1 Types and construction of industrial tapes

Furthermore, industrial adhesive tapes play a vital role in manufacturing and construction industries. For instance, in automotive industries adhesive tapes are now considered valid alternatives to standard bonding techniques due to the low weight characteristics, high flexibility and adaptability for applications on numerous materials and surfaces. The significance of using adhesive tapes in automative sector is due to the greater efficiency and safety during assembling which save production time and cost. Now a days the industrial tapes used both in manufacturing and construction ensures high characteristics as compared to the conventional methods such as high adhesion, resistance to aging, temperature resistance, UV rays and atmospheric agents. However, the industrial tapes are specifically in use for structural bonding the attachment parts of the automobiles such as license plates, parking sensors, frames, and thermoformed parts to ensure perfect dissipation of mechanical and thermal stresses to obtain the optimum holding over time. Moreover, adhesive tapes are used for masking to provide safety and protection for car bodies and bumpers during masking. 

Also, during automotive interior and engine manufacturing these are used to insulate cables and electrical wires providing high resistance to abrasion and cutting, UV rays and thermal stresses while optimizing weight and space. In addition, double sided adhesive tapes are considered essential for assembling different material layers of insulating panels and for metal panel mounting on automobile frame during manufacturing of campers. Whereas in construction adhesive industrial tapes are used for retrofitting floor coverings which provides excellent adhesion even on critical surfaces as well as high comfortability. In marine applications, industrial adhesive tapes are extensively used in numerous construction phases from masking during painting and repairing of portholes during finishing and covering to the assembling of sails and technical fabrics.

Figure.2. Industrial adhesive tape in (a) automobile engines (b) cover panel fittings and (c) floor covering

In construction industry industrial adhesives tapes are extensively used for finishing insulation and cladding of roofs and walls. However, adhesives tapes are also used for masking during the construction and painting process after secure protection of internal and external build structure surfaces. Moreover, these industrial tapes for insulating allow numerous types of surfaces to be fixed, insulated, and sealed at the same time. Subsequently these tapes offer high adaptability, expansion and excellent insulation and durability. In the covering of walls, these tapes are used in panel applications which reduces hardening times of liquid structural adhesive and allow optimum resistance to the harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, in decoration and renovation of building structures numerous laminates, ceramic and aluminum composite materials are used for covering walls. However, high density adhesive foam tapes provide optimum solution for material bonding which provide high resistance to dynamic static and thermal stresses and atmospheric agents and specifically considered the most suitable outdoor usages. Whereas it is noticed that in manufacturing of furniture industrial adhesive tapes provide an alternative solution to conventional sealing and joining methods such as glues riveting and screwing. Thus, these tapes provide invisible and clean bonding and provide cost effectiveness on different types of materials and surfaces. Moreover, it also reduces the production times with higher efficiency and safety during assembling. 

In addition to all these roles industrial adhesive tapes are used in electronic parts manufacturing and applications initially from holding small parts together during assembling to provide protection of the surfaces from foreign dirt, dust, and moisture. Moreover, these tapes also protect surfaces from contamination. On the other hand, industrial tapes provide a critical role in the electronics industry by providing a physical barrier between electronic components and the environment which ends up preventing damage and ensuring a consistent finish. Whereas, in energy applications during solar panel manufacturing double sided adhesive tapes are used to fix photovoltaic module frames which are then subjected to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric agents. Moreover, these industrial tapes are also used in the packaging industry from sealing boxes and packages to labeling products. Adhesive tapes also secure straps and handles and provide reinforcement.

Figure.3. Industrial adhesive tapes in solar panel production

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