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Specialized Applications of Industrial Tape: From High-Temperature Environments to Hazardous Conditions


Industrial tapes are considered the most suitable option and have found numerous specialized applications in extreme elevated temperature environments to hazardous conditions. In automotive and aerospace sectors the industrial tapes that possess specialized heat resistance properties are used for heat shielding purposes such as for sealing the electrical cables, pipes, and other sensitive equipment’s. Additionally, industrial tapes with high insulating properties are used for thermal insulation. For instance, industrial tapes manufactured with high insulation characteristics are used to seal joints and seams in insulation materials, providing protection against heat loss or gain. Moreover, industrial tapes also serve a primary role in extreme hazardous conditions such as industrial tapes with high chemical resistance are used to protect against corrosive substances. These industrial tapes are used for sealing and bonding in chemical processing plants, laboratories, and industrial cleaning operations. In mining operations, construction and even in heavy machines industrial adhesive tapes with high abrasion resistance properties are used to seal components against high friction or wear. Whereas, in power plants, and offshore installations industrial tapes with high electrical insulation properties are used to protect and insulate electrical wires, cables, and components from hazardous environments.

Industrial tapes are also considered a suitable option to provide resistance against extreme harsh environments in outdoor which includes weatherproofing etc. In addition to this, industrial tapes with high resistance to UV exposure, moisture, and extreme weather conditions are used for outdoor applications such as sealing seams in roofing materials, HVAC systems, and outdoor signage. Furthermore, in underwater applications the industrial tapes with water resistance properties are used for repairs and sealing in underwater strict environments. For instance, industrial are used for marine construction, offshore drilling rigs, and underwater pipelines. Moreover, in automotive and transportation applications industrial tapes with high vibration damping properties are used in vehicle interiors, engines, and suspension systems to limit noise and vibration. Moreover, industrial tapes are used in automotive assembly lines for attaching emblems, bonding trim, and securing wiring harnesses. The industrial tapes used in aerospace industry require optimum strength properties with extreme resistance to the temperatures and pressures. Therefore, industrial tapes used in aerospace possess these properties and are particularly used for the specific applications of bonding composites during aircraft manufacturing and masking aerospace materials surfaces during paint and coating applications.  Moreover, it is noticed that aerospace components are exposed to extreme temperatures during flight, including high heat generated by engines or atmospheric re-entry. Heat-resistant tapes are engineered to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising their adhesive properties. They ensure reliable bonding performance under thermal stress and prevent adhesive failure or degradation due to heat exposure.

Figure.1. (a)Industrial Aluminum foil tape (b) Anti slip industrial tape

Furthermore, industrial tapes also have found applications in the medical sector as well such as biocompatible industrial tapes are used in for wound care, surgical procedures, and medical device assembly. The industrial tapes used in biomedical applications meet strictly with regulatory standards for biocompatibility, sterility, and adhesion to skin. Furthermore, also noticed that specialized industrial tapes are also used electrical and electronics sectors during manufacturing to provide Electrostatic Discharge protection, moisture barrier properties, and secure bonding for components during assembly and packaging processes.

The industrial tapes that are used to provide resistance against the extreme elevated temperatures include the aluminum foil tape and glass cloth tape that has a silicon adhesive with elevated temperature resistance, high adhesion and a strong, abrasion resistant backing. This industrial tape can be applied from the temperature range such -18°C to 93°C. Adhesive in this industrial tape will gradually be thermoset at high temperatures and then the adhesive mass becomes firm and gradually loses its pressure sensitivity but will continue to hold the tape in place. In addition, this aluminum foil industrial tape is used to provide moisture barrier in doors and glass windows. In industries this tape is used for insulation purposes and used in stifling air ducts. Additionally, it also provides a cover resistance wire heating elements to distribute the heat. Aluminum foil tapes are also considered ideal solution as a heat reflective wrap along or over insulations, applied to tubes, engine support structures, missile ground handling equipment’s. Industrial, Heavy Insulated Mono-Tape and Duo-Tape are designed for high temperature applications. These tapes are ideal for industrial requirements where temperature requirements are beyond capabilities of elastomers insulated cables and tapes.

Figure.2. Industrial heavy insulated tapes

Furthermore, anti-slip tapes are used for harsh environments where high performance is required. Anti slip industrial tapes are made from silicon carbide coated with high bond long life acrylic adhesive system. This industrial tape particularly possesses a high resistance to cleaning solutions, oils, grease etc. Also, used in applications including warehouses, factories, on vehicles, hospitals, marine & home applications. This industrial tape provides a strong grip on stairs and p on ramps & walkways. Furthermore, general purpose vinyl tape and hazard marking tapes are also cost-effective solutions for a variety of safety marking and color coding applications.

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