how much duct tape did mythbusters use

by:CROWN     2024-03-01

Mythbusters is a Science Channel series that tests urban legends and explores the science behind them. One of the most popular tools on the show was duct tape, which they used for a variety of experiments. In this article, we will look at how much duct tape the Mythbusters used during their time on the show.

The Beginning of Mythbusters

Mythbusters premiered in 2003 and quickly became a fan-favorite show. The show featured two hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who tested urban legends and explored the science behind them. The show became known for its creative experiments and the use of everyday house items to solve problems.

Duct Tape on Mythbusters

One of the most popular items on Mythbusters was duct tape. The show used duct tape for a variety of experiments, from holding together a car to creating a boat. It became a staple item in their tool kit and was used in almost every episode.

Mythbusters Builds

One of the most famous duct tape experiments on the show was the duct tape build. In season three, the Mythbusters built a sailboat entirely out of duct tape. The boat was 27 feet long and took 500 rolls of duct tape to create. The boat was able to support Jamie and Adam's weight and was able to sail for nearly a mile before sinking.

In season 10, the Mythbusters built a bridge out of duct tape. The bridge was 40 feet long and supported the weight of a car. The bridge was able to handle almost 400 pounds of weight before collapsing.

Duct Tape Myths

Mythbusters also tested several duct tape myths, including whether or not duct tape could hold a car together. The team tested this myth by driving a car with only duct tape holding it together. The car was able to drive at a low speed, but eventually , the tape gave out, and the car fell apart.

The team also tested whether or not duct tape could be used as a parachute. They built a parachute out of duct tape and tested it by jumping off a roof. The parachute did not work, and the team was not able to slow their fall.

Overall, the Mythbusters used a significant amount of duct tape during their time on the show. While it's unclear exactly how much they used, it's safe to say that they went through thousands of rolls.


Duct tape was a staple item on Mythbusters and was used for many creative experiments. From building boats and bridges to holding together cars, duct tape was a versatile tool that helped the team explore the science behind urban legends. While we may never know how much duct tape the team used, their creative experiments will continue to inspire DIYers and science enthusiasts for years to come.

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